The Tick (VFX)

‘The Tick’ is an energetic superhero story with a solid sense of humor. While the Tick himself always bounces back, after a season of saving the world his costume got a little bruised. Even with a fantastic make up team and special effects, the suit showed its imperfections on camera. As such, production turned to Twisted Media’s VFX team to help them save the day. 

Our challenge involved finding efficient, cost-effective ways to digitally repair the Tick’s superhero suit which suffered from long shooting days in 4K resolution. A tight turnaround meant we couldn’t utilize 3D, so our design team got creative and found a 2D patch and paint solution. Utilizing a Mocha Pro package for tracking and roto, and Nuke software to composite, we created cleanplates that were tracked and masked in to create a seamless effect (and suit)!

Happily, the result exceeded expectations, and the Tick was back in business! We look forward to his next adventure.