In our line of work, we always perk up when we see “computer screen” in a script because that’s the character we play! Sometimes we’re background players, but on a show like ‘APB’, Twisted Media got to be a “star” alongside fine actors like Justin Kirk, Ernie Hudson, and Natalie Martinez.

Twisted’s own Jeff Evans and Andrew Jarvis were the lead designers on this show and created original graphics for the entire 12-episode season. With a high volume of graphics to be designed on an eight-day production schedule, this was not easy, but what we lost in sleep we made up for in the final product. We are proud to say that except in instances where footage had not been shot, very little of ‘APB’s’ graphics had to be burned in in post and instead played practically on the day. All of our graphics were responsive so that the actors and playback could interact with the computers and devices in real time.

Not only did our UI design play a large role in the series, but it was a big part of ‘APB’s’ marketing as well.

For a show based in technology, it was vital that everything looked perfectly high tech and believable. We loved every minute!