Scorpion Season 3

The TM team is currently hard at work on season 3 of CBS’s </Scorpion>, set to air October 2016. Upping the ante, this year’s challenges for the Scorpion team take every part of the show to new heights of creativity and imagination…and give us...


The Twisted Media team recently helped bring to life the high tech police drama ‘A.P.B.’ Set and shot in Chicago, the show centers around the revamp of a south side precinct with the use of modern technology: drones, tazers, advanced...

Chicago Med

Working in our hometown on a hot new medical show…on it! Lots of excitement on the home turf, on the latest “Chicago ____” show. Who can imagine what comes next?!?!

Chicago PD Season 3

We are currently working away on Chicago PD Season 3, where Mouse is finally getting some well deserved screen time!

Scorpion Season 2

The Twisted Media team created all computer graphics for season 2 of Scorpion (CBS). Each new episode presented a new challenge for on screen graphics…from complicated hacking sequences to many control rooms and other super tech environments. The Twisted Media team...