Scorpion Seasons 2 – 4

‘</scorpion>’ was a fast-paced drama series about a band of geniuses problem-solving to save the day – naturally, with the help of technology! Twisted Media worked on the show from season 1 and stayed true to the established feel while moving the graphic look forward in line with the story.

We had the opportunity to create a broad array of visuals including tsunami damage mitigation, ghost-ships, and bayou gator tracking. A favorite design involved a billionaire’s Artificial Intelligence-based operating system running amok, giving us the chance to stretch our wings into new visual territory for the show.

An early challenge involved the creation of a new, character-developed application interface. With a tight turnaround, our entire team combined facial recognition, database scrubbing, satellite transmission and interception, and resource allocation in just a few screens.

The opportunity to combine known technologies in unique and imaginative ways is a challenge we love!