Leverage Season 1

Leverage Season 1

Looking for a team to design high-tech computer interfaces and spy gadgetry, Dean Devlin (executive producer)and Mark Franco (visual effects producer) hired Twisted Media to do graphic and interactive design work and visual effects for Electric Entertainment’s ‘Leverage’, a television series on TNT.

A perfect fit…the TM team’s expertise in a variety of media, from interactive computer simulations to 3d animation and compositing, come in handy during the intense, tight production schedules.

The pilot was shot in Chicago during the fall of 07; was greenlighted by TNT in Spring ’08 and season 1 production went from June through November 2008 with a premiere in December 08. Season 2 production went from April-September 2009, premiering in August.

We are currently prepping Season 3, with production scheduled from March-August and a premiere in Fall 2010.

Some highlights of the numerous deliverables created:

  • Computer screen design and interactive programming
  • iPhone, Smartphone, PDA & mini-computer on-screen design & programming
  • Multiple monitor setups, video walls and projection setups
  • Touchscreens and interactive set pieces
  • Video Editing & compositing of inserts and vfx shots

The series premiere was the most viewed pilot in TNT’s history. The season has enjoyed a solid viewership since. A preview and more information can be found Electric Entertainment’s website or on TNT’s website.


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September 15, 2008