Chicago MED

For the past three seasons, Twisted Media’s designers have been to med school. Well, ‘Chicago MED’ school. Working closely with ‘Chicago MED’s’ brilliant medical consultants on each episode’s new cases ensures every graphic is medically accurate and story driven, whether it is a patient chart or a CT scan.

From building intricate 3D hearts to conjoining twins, Twisted Media’s visuals help take audiences along for the ride with the unique challenges MED’s talented cast of doctors faces every week.

Recreating complex medical procedures on a TV show timeline can be tough, but our design team thrives on the challenge. Season 3 showed us that while providing accuracy, the norm of modifying and enhancing existing medical imagery is not always the most practical solution. For one early sequence we decided instead to recreate the required look and steps of an angiogram in 3D. This allowed us to manipulate the image more specifically. Using Cinema 4D, we then created an interactive beating heart with blockage, and the catheter used to remove it. 

Total control over all aspects of the procedures makes the visuals more exciting for viewers, and allows us to meet the exacting medical standards of the show without the headache of modifying existing footage.