The TM team helped create playback graphics and visual effects on Geostorm, Dean Devlin’s scifi epic feature. Check out some details on IMDB and During production, we worked with the very talented graphics and playback team from Warner Brothers to bring the tech screens and other interactive elements to life. Then during post we helped bring the more futuristic interfaces to life. Geostorm premieres worldwide on October 20, 2017. 


Independence Day: Resurgence

The TM team designed computer screens and other digital interfaces…both human and alien…on Independence Day: Resurgence. The design team included Derek Frederickson, Clark Stanton, Andrew Jarvis and Tom Slattery from the TM camp, as well as cinematic UI veteran Chris Keiffer and Sal Palacios from Warner Brothers. IDR premiered June 24, 2016.



The Twisted Media team are hard at work for season 4 of Scorpion (CBS). Each new episode presents a new challenge for on screen graphics…from complicated hacking sequences to many control rooms and other super tech environments.


The Space Between Us

The Twisted Media team created futuristic computer screens for “The Space Between Us”, a scifi adventure movie set to premiere February  2017. We created interactive and animated graphics for the many high tech sets used in the film, including NASA mission control, mars base and a few spaceship cockpits to boot! Amazing script, cast, director and crew. Not to miss.


Playback Graphics

With expertise in graphic design, 2d and 3d animation, interactive programming and compositing…our talents can help your production get top quality images in front of camera in real time, or created and delivered for post integration.

Visual Effects

Our team creates outstanding visual effects for real-time playback and post. From simple green screen replacement to full CGI animation, we create imagery that helps tell the story and delight the audience.

Music and Sound Effects Library

Twisted Media founded, a royalty free music and sound effects library with over 150,000 songs and sounds from hundreds of musicians and sound designers from around the globe.